• Falling rocks

    The effect of falling rocks can be devastating. A risk of this extent requires protection measures for roads and settlements.
  • Highly skilled operators

    The installation of our protection barriers is performed by our highly skilled staff who will make use of the best technology available including, helicopters.
  • Type AC barriers

    The range of rockfall protection “AC” barriers comprises multi-impact continuous screen rockfall protection barriers which is the most effective response to the problems of falling rocks.
  • VELA snow barrier

    The VELA barrier is a modular prefabricated unit having a single point of anchorage; for its quick installation and intrinsic flexibility, this structure is an ideal solution against avalanches.
  • VELA-SV structure

    Elemento Vella SVThis is a modular prefabricated unit with a single point of anchorage suitable for the protection of slopes subject to rockfalls.

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Company News

Artigiana Costruzioni has been operating in the field of ground protection since the mid-80s; the Company designs and manufactures innovative products thanks to its constant pioneering technological drive and its highly skilled staff.

Our Headquarters

The Company’s registered office, administration and sales departments and manufacturing plant are all located at Villa di Tirano, near Sondrio, Italy.  In the last few years a new office has been established at Udine, in the north east of the country which handles the transactions for that part of the territory besides dealing with clients in Austria, Slovenia etc.   Our on-site staff includes trained specialists offering consultancy services to local administrators, professionals and companies operating in the field of ground protection and design and distribution of our products.

Our Pedegree

Artigiana Costruzioni operates under ISO 9001:2000 quality standard, as issued by the IMQ/CSQ certification body which, as the Italian IQNet representative, comes under CISQ.  For the manufacture of active and/or passive ground protection systems, Artigiana Costruzioni is the grantee of SOA certificate for “Specialised Solutions” (according to Enclosure A of Presidential Decree 34 dated 25.01.2000) OS12 (Class. III) and OS21 (Class. II), issued by the certification body QLP-SOA S.p.a.

Our manufacturing operations

• Our products

We manufacture systems capable of solving and/or mitigating phenomena due to hydrogeological unbalance typically, but not exclusively, occurring in mountainous districtis.
The systems are designed, sized and tested on real-life scale to optimize costs and effectiveness in relation to scales. 

In our plant at Villa di Tirano, Sondrio, Italy we manufacture the full range of products and systems; our specialist engineers, our latest technology and special-purpose machine tools in a 2000 sq. metre plant of indoor area are our guarantee of a quality manufacture wholly meeting the present reliability and safety levels demanded by today’s standards.

  • Consultancy

 Our designers, who are skilled professionals in the field of civil engineering and geotechnics, are able to assist local administrators, the professionals and the companies operating in the domain of ground defence in the design and planning of the interventions necessary to stabilize civil works, mountain slopes etc.

  • Manufacturing

Thanks to its fully trained and always up to date workforce, Artigiana Costruzioni is able to design, manufacture and fully install  the structures and systems used for ground defence making use of the latest equipment.  All onsite installation operations are performed by qualified rock climbers capable of working at high altitudes and, if required, working at the  rock face.

• Maintenance

Just like all works produced by man, the defence systems will need, in the short or medium-long run, maintenance operations capable of ensuring their future effectiveness by protecting them from weathering and stress conditions caused by crashes, overload etc.  Artigiana Costruzioni offers its expertise in ground defence works and is able to perform, through its skilled staff, all necessary interventions, replacement, removal/renewal of unserviceable or damaged parts.



Our production

  • Tested rockfall and avalanche protection systems
  • Rock face stabilisation
  • Special underground work
  • Land and forestry re-organisation

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ISO 9001:2008 certification

ISO 9001:2008 certification

IQNet certification

IQNet certification

Artigiana Costruzioni s.r.l.

Tested rockfall and avalanche protection systems

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